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One thing every mom must do…..

How many pictures have you taken of your kids this year? Hundreds? Maybe even thousands? How many of those pictures are you in?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from moms, “I need to loose 30 pounds before I get in front of the camera. Someday we’ll do family pictures”. Someday. Believe me, I get it. If my kids even take a snapshot of me with their phones I make them hand it over to me first so I can delete the really unflattering ones! No one wants a horrible picture of themselves floating around out there!

One regret I have is not doing family pictures when my oldest two were very young. I remember even telling my husband that if something were to happen to me that there would be no photographic evidence that I even existed past our wedding! The first time we had family pictures done my kids were 7, 5 and 1. And I’m a photographer!! I avoided the camera like the plague. I told my self someday when I lost weight we’d do pictures. Well, someday never came and we never did family pictures.

And guess what? Your little kids that love to be hugged and kissed now…in a few years they’re going to act like they don’t know you in public. Depressing, I know. But it’s true. In those dark days of teenagedom, you can look at those pictures and reminisce on the good old days, when your kids wouldn’t leave you alone to even use the bathroom by yourself!

What do your kids see when they see a picture of you? They see their mom! Not the extra weight that you may have put on over the years, or the small wrinkles that have suddenly appeared around your eyes. And in 25 years when your kids are looking at those pictures, they are going to be looking at how young and beautiful their mom was while noticing the physical similarities between themselves and you ….and maybe laughing at some bad hairstyles and fashion trends over the years J

Honestly though, the pictures aren’t for us moms. They are for our kids. So that they can look back and say, remember when…instead of, “why don’t we have any pictures of mom?” So whether it’s professional photos or just photos with your phone, we all need to try to get in front of the camera more instead of hiding behind it. Including me!



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I am so excited about this new project that I’m working on. I’ve been thinking about doing it for awhile and decided now is the time.


Think back to your “tween” years. I don’t think that was even a term when I was that age! Tweens are typically classified as being between the ages of 10-12. Not quite children anymore but aren’t yet teens. Those years can be so hard on self-esteem and confidence for all kids…but especially for girls.

Tween Quad Cities Photographer

I saw a change in my own daughter around that age. Suddenly she worried about what other people thought, dressed to impress her friends and not comfortable about the changes that were happening to her body. She hated her nose. It was too big. She hated that she was skinny (oh, how I wish I had that problem!). A zit or two appeared and it was the end of the world. She got braces and didn’t want to smile in pictures anymore. I told her over and over again that she was perfect and beautiful. But she didn’t believe me. She said that what moms are supposed to say. So, what is a mom supposed to do?!?!


For my own daughter, it helped me to SHOW her how beautiful she was. We did a modeling shoot. We turned up the music and did a photo shoot, just because. We did serious model type poses and some that showed off her personality. And we had so much fun doing it!!

I edited the pictures and showed them to her. I’ll admit, I was nervous for her to see them. She has made me delete pictures of her that I posted on Facebook because she looked “ugly” in them. To my surprise, she LOVED them. She actually said, “I look pretty in that one”. Yay!! Mission accomplished! That was the whole point to the session. I wanted to give her a little boost to her self-confidence.


We photograph our babies the entire first year and we get yearly pictures of our toddlers. But for some reason, once they go off to elementary school the tradition of getting professional pictures done falls by the wayside. We have the yearly school pictures (yuck!) and for some families that is good enough. But they don’t really capture their personality at all. In my own experience, my kids have a deer in the headlights look or have the most forced, awkward smiles ever.


If you have a girl around the ages of 10-12 and you think she’d benefit from a little self-esteem boost, contact me to set up a session. Make it a mother/daughter day out with a photo session and lunch. I think all moms can use an excuse to spend a little time with their baby girl.


*Sessions taking place in January-March will receive the session at $150 (reg. $200).  Session is 20-30 minutes and includes 10-12 digital images w/print release.

**To begin these sessions will be available for girls. I will have boys available in the spring.  I think that the boys might be more comfortable doing these in an outdoor setting.


Quad City Tween Photographer

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You may have noticed…I haven’t updated my blog in over a year! It had been so long since I’ve blogged that I had forgotten my usernames, passwords or even how to get on the log in page for the blog.  It’s just that it’s so much easier to post sessions on my Facebook Page.  I’m really good about updating there.

So, here was my end of the year recap of all of my sessions from 2016.  It really was a great year! Looking forward to what 2017 will bring!!  Hopefully it will bring better blogging:)Bettendorf PhotographerQuad City Photographer

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