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What to wear

“What should my kids wear” is probably the question that I get asked most often before a session. My answer is whatever they feel most comfortable in. If you put your little girl in a fancy dress that is uncomfortable and itchy against her skin, that uncomfortableness is going to show in the pictures.

Newborns and babies- as little as possible is best. A little white onesie or even better their birthday suit always works well. If there is a blanket or stuffed animal that is special to you or your child, bring it! Etsy is a great resource for cute headbands, hats, bows, etc Hint-newborns photograph best between 4-10 days old.

Toddlers and Children- Bright and bold colors photograph very nicely. If your child lives in his green frog boots or in her pink tutu, by all means bring it with. Feel free to bring accessories such as cowboy hat and boots or tutus and tiaras for your little girl-anything that shows their personality! Again, Etsy is a great resource for hats, bows, headbands, boys ties, etc.

Families-If you are doing sibiling pictures or family pictures keep in mind it looks best if you coordinate and not match. Would everyone wear jeans and a black polo in your everyday life…probably not! Pick a color theme and go with it with different variations on that color. For example, you could do different varaitions of blue…navy blue, baby blue. GAP, Gymboree, and Old Navy usually have a couple of clothing lines in boys and girls that all coordinate! Just remember to keep it simple!

What to avoid

Large logos, characters or writing. Your eye will focus on the logo instead of the individual. Keep in mind that brands that are popular today may not be in a couple of years. You don’t want a huge logo on your shirt that isn’t popular in the future. Stripes and plaids are just fine, but don’t mix them! Please contact me if you would like more suggestions. Pinterest is a great resource for outfit ideas.  Use the keyword “family picture outfits” and you’ll get loads of fantastic ideas!

Below are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!  You can see that the outfits coordinate but don’t match. Don’t forget about accessories!

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